Bob Ware (11 March 2011)
"8.9 Japan earthquake happened 1189 (Bible chapters) days after 66th (66 bible books) anniversary of Pearl Harbor"

8.9 Japan earthquake hit at 9:46pm PST on 3.10.2011 3.10.2011 was 1189 days since the 66th Pearl Harbor anniversary on 12.7.2007. This is a very interesting connection between: Japan > 66th Pearl Harbor attack anniversary > and 8.9 earthquake since there are 66 books in the Bible and 1189 chapters.
It was 3.11.11 in Japan when the 8.9 earthquake hit. 3.11.11 was 1906 days after the 12.21.2005 date at the top of my 'Circle of Time'. 1906 was the year of the San Francisco earthquake.
3.11.11 was 2 x 1480 (gematria of 'CHRIST') days since the Columbia STS 107 Space Shuttle disaster on 2.1.2003. 107 is the rapture number.
3.11.11 was 1331 (11^3) days since the DOW closed at the record high of $14,000.41. 1441 is the 15th Star of David number and the inclusive diameter of the 'Circle of Time'. 9.11.2001 was the 1441st day of the current Jewish calendar cycle. 1331 is the diameter of a circle where the circumference equals the sum of the Greek (3168) and prime number (1013) gematrias for 'LORD JESUS CHRIST'.
This 'birth pain' has got my attention! Keep looking up.