BG Ellis (19 March 2011)
"Re: Nicole and The Rapture & LA earthquake on 4/4/2011!"


I always believed that as The Rapture date approaches, The Lord would reveal to His Bride that His coming is at the door.  With the past predicted Rapture dates, there were usually just one good point for the Rapture to occur on past-predicted dates.  However, with Gerry Almond’s date of April 4/5 2011, I had never seen so many reasons that The Rapture would occur at this time.  Everything fits like a glove within a glove.  I went back over Michael Drosnin’s California earthquake bible code from his book The Bible Code and here is what he wrote:


The Bible code appears to predict that the next big earthquake in this country will strike California.  All the major quakes that have already shaken that state were foreseen.

The biggest that ever struck the United States – the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906 – was encoded 3000 years ago.  “S.F. Calif” and 1906 appear together.  “Fire, earthquake” is also encoded with the year, and the hidden text states “city consumed, destroyed.”

     The Biggest recent earthquake to hit the U.S. mainland, again in San Francisco, is also encoded.  The year, 1989, the words “fire, earthquake,” and “S.F. Calif.” All appear in the same place.

But Los Angeles is mathematically the best match with “great earthquake” of any major city in the world.

“L.A. Calif” is encoded with “great earthquake” against very high odds, and both “America” and “USA” also appear with the predicted cataclysm.

Seismologists agree that Southern California is the most likely area in the United States to face a major earthquake in the near future.  The U.S Geological Survey in 1995 stated that there is an “80 to 90% probability of a magnitude 7+ earthquake within Southern California before 2024.”

The experts who made that prediction missed the last big quake in the Los Angeles area, the one in January 1994 that killed 61 people in Northridge.  It was not on a known fault line, and it was not foreseen.

Except in the Bible code.  “5754,” in the modern calendar 1994, was encoded with “great earthquake” and “L.A. Calif.”

That was barely a tremor compared to the predicted cataclysm, and a year in the near future appears with Los Angeles in exactly the same place that the 1994 disaster 2was foreseen.

Crossing “great earthquake,” right below “L.A. Calif.,” is the year 2010.  And the same year, “5770” in the Hebrew calendar, is encoded again with the name of the city (Los Angeles), actually overlapping “fire, earthquake.”



So, this massive earthquake will hit California by April 5th 2011!  In addition, the following video on Fox News, this expert (Who has been 100% correct) is predicting that we are weeks away from a catastrophic earthquake on the west coast!  SEE: THIS VIDEO!  In the video, the expert says that when a fish kill occurs, a massive earthquake in that area is just weeks away. SEE: Massive Fish Kill Near Los Angeles Raises Questions.

Nicole, in your son’s vision where “money has flown away”, I believe this is catastrophic economic collapse brought about by The Rapture occurring simultaneous with a catastrophic earthquake and dollar collapse.


Doves, this is an awesome sign that Jesus’ return for His Bride is at hand and THE RAPTURE IS IMMINENT!!  I believe that this is the LAST CALL for YOU to have “YOUR Boarding Pass” for the IMMINENT departure of His Bride (us)!  If you died tonight (or if The Rapture occurs tonight) and you are not 100% sure that you would be taken to Heaven; Then go to: This website and get “Your FREE Ticket for departure”!


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Love You Doves!




B.G. Ellis






Nicole (18 March 2011)
"To BG Ellis re: 4/4/2011"

Funny how I found your website before finding the 5Doves!   I wonder if the earthquake in Los Angeles on 3/16/2011 at 4:04 a.m., then we had the ripple effect here from the Baja Quake on 4/4/2010 was a year warning to Los Angeles?

I remember how Weatherbill, see his website said the Lord was sending the mega quake and tsunami to the west coast on 9/3/2010.   He has another warning for 2012 but since he did not predict the location correctly, I am sticking to Dr. David Owour's prophecies.  I prayed against LA getting the quake last year and then it hit Christchurch.   Weatherbill says that the LA quake was delayed for a period of time, but was it really or were we always given about a year warning?   I think Weatherbill just had his location wrong for 9/3/2010.  

My son keeps seeing a huge earthquake in California.   And he sees the gays singing "red, white and gay."   And then the Lord takes a huge rainbow flag and rips it in half.   And then my son sees the foot of the Lord step on California and it is like a 10.0 earthquake with a wall of water so high he said it seemed like a couple thousand feet.    My son sees San Francisco totally gone and downtown Los Angeles totally gone.   He sees the very wealthy people of Los Angeles and Hollywood's homes destroyed from this quake and their money has flown away, whatever that means.  

My son says that the rapture is coming for him and I in this megaquake.   LOL!