Barry Amundsen (5 March 2011)
"Thank you Susan and Sabrina great post!"

I always look forward to your posts and am blessed each time by them but this one
is so especially good and timely I just wanted to highlight it again for any who missed it.
I have just been meditating on the very points that are the focus of this post; how that many put their trust in man and man's teachings and plans; whether their own or those of others they are following. But they have never learned or been taught to trust directly in Jesus for their needs. This is what evangelists and teachers of the word should be teaching their flocks (how to hear and trust Jesus) instead of giving out knowledge of their own making or "self" that should have been died to to make room for Jesus.
I loved your explanation, given you by Jesus of what dying to self really is and does:
 the message was that man cannot be glorified because man cannot save mankind—whether it is celebrities, evangelists, CEOs, political leaders, or whoever, because ONLY JESUS can save mankind. So, by glorifying men it only leads us to destruction when we blindly follow the ideas, views, and ways of men.  When this happened I thought, “Wow, that is truly profound and I can understand that.”  It was so clear to me—man should not be glorified in any way, because men cannot lead men to true life.  So that understanding, for me, made it easier to see the importance and significance of giving up “self.”
Furthermore, Jesus points out that only those who have learned this are in His bride and will be ready to go to Him when He calls us. Sadly, many who have not learned to know Him directly will find that they have been trusting in something other than Him and will not be able to go to Him being overcome by fear and/or unbelief (not enough oil in their lamp). I have been saying this for years here on the Doves but seldom have I seen the same truth spelled out as succinctly as you have done and been doing with your posts and I just wanted to acknowledge that.
I do believe that you are indeed speaking for Jesus and giving His true messages for these last moments before He comes and all hell breaks out once we are taken away to safety.
Forever grateful and blessed to know Jesus and His salvation,
Barry Amundsen
More from Susan's post (Jesus speaking):

This seems hard to believe, but MY Book speaks truth.  The road to heaven is narrow and the road to hell is broad and many are those who go to hell and the broad way.  There is only ONE true plan and path to success and that is in MY Perfect Will, the narrow way—COMPLETE SURRENDER to ME, JESUS CHRIST, your LORD and SAVIOR.