Anthea Barnardo (3 March 2011)
"2011.02.19 Word"

Word that went out in our fellowship recently.
Seems we have to wait patiently and trust our Lord.
Love and blessings!
Anthea Barnardo

2011.02.19 – Prophetic Word


I am the Lord, thy God.  I am the One who have made you.  I have made you as My own – as My own whom I love and cherish, whom I have loved and cherished from before the foundation of the earth and whom I have loved and will cherish until all time, until eternity.  I am the Lord, thy God who is with you, who will never forsake you , who will never leave you, who will never neglect you, who will never carelessly push you into a corner and forget about you.  I am the Lord, your God, who never forgets anything, who always knows all things.  And I am the Lord thy God.  You are Mine.  You are precious to Me.  You have I chosen to be Mine unto all eternity.  You have I called as My bride, to be in the most intimate fellowship with Me.  I have taken you and brought you thus far, I have groomed you and I have tested you, I have fashioned you for My own purposes and for My own glory and for My own joy.  You are beautiful to Me, says the Lord.  Do not forget these things.  Do not look at other Christians, do not look at other people and let not your mind dictate what you believe.  Let My word dictate what you believe.  Let not your senses tell you the truth because it cannot.  I am truth and I am way above your senses.  My ways are higher than your ways, My thoughts than your thoughts.  Do not try to understand My thoughts, do not try to understand My ways, but trust Me and wait patiently for Me.  I am God, I decide the time and the season.  I decide the action, because I know what is necessary.  But know that I decide these things in My love and with My love for you.  I do not neglect you, because I have other plans.  You are so integral in all My plans and nothing can describe the reality of this, because it is a spiritual reality.  But receive this and wait then patiently on Me, because I am God and I will decide.  And I will decide good not bad, because I have good plans for you not bad plans.  The time is short.  But even so, wait patiently until I come, says the Lord, because I am coming for you.  I have made you for this.  I am coming for you!  Be ready, says the Lord.