Anna (3 March 2011)
"Letter to Doves"

To Kathy and a Prayer Request
Kathy, I read your letter about your arthritis pain.  There are low level lasers that can greatly alleviate the pain of arthitis.  Many chiropracters have them.  The one I like is called Erchonia 5000.  You can also purchase  small far infrared light devices for $80 to $180 on the Internet that also help.  Google "light therapy."  They do work and I'm sure you will find help. And of course we will all be praying for you too.  God Bless.
I would like to ask the Doves to pray that my brother  Jack will be able to sell 5 homes that he was caught with when the real estate crash happened.  God Bless You All!
See you here, or there, or in the air!