Amanda (3 March 2011)

Hello Kathy,

I'm so sorry to hear about your ongoing, miserable pain.   It seems lately with alot of people they are being slammed with all kinds of health issues, more than usual.  My aunt has been and is suffering bad with lupus that will act up on her/flare up on her and she gets muscle, leg and arm pains, lumbar pains.  She even gets the flu twice a month if not more just from her lupus.  She is suffering and its seeming so much worse lately with no relief from doctors.  I SWEAR all this suffering is because He is coming soon.  I don't want to say this is a punishment from Him but it seems like His very own children are suffering WAY too much.  Please know others will be praying for you and some kind of word from the Lord for relief/cure.  Please Lord come more sickness and no more pain!

with love and prayers for you,