Amanda (21 March 2011)
"To Josua--first fruiters;  Joe Chapell last Easter!!! IT IS!!"

Hi Josua,

That is amazing that May 10 is the first fruit, Pentecost (Shavout) date.  He has been saying all three words to me over the last 2 years.  I feel He's pointing me to mid May also.  

Joe Chapell,

I believe and you should too that this is the last Easter.  I did ask the Lord if we would still be here (on Earth) for Easter and He said "yes".  But He is also not leading me anywhere after May.  So, yes, this is the "last" Easter!  Last of the pagan holidays that cover our real reason for celebrating.  I too have been catching onto these "pagan" holidays as to why do I celebrate this.  I know while I'm coloring eggs that I'm not doing it because I worship anyone else.   Remember, the Lord KNOWS our hearts also.  I used to have lots of scary Halloween decorations and really get into that holiday too not even realizing the demonic side to it.  I have since the last few years donated my stuff that would not fit what the Lord would want.  

Just a thought came to me that in May of 2008 I stepped outside to see 2 crosses (made with airplane smoke) in my sky and just felt that was a sign from the Lord then.  Maybe then He was saying 2 more Mays to go...May 2009 and May 2010 to lead us to the rapture timing May 2011!!

Looking forward to meeting all you doves,