Amanda (19 March 2011)
"Re: My Post for "Washington""


I posted yesterday March 17 a response for the others who were enquiring about me hearing from the Lord "Washington" but I read under that post my very first ever post that I posted probably a year ago at least.  I laughed like how did that post get put there!

Yes, the Lord said "Washington" but did not specify if its the state or DC.  I was wondering the same thing as you all were too.  Hopefully, my orginal post that I posted yesterday will get posted soon.

Oops! My error. See post below.


I read the posts from Ed, Paul Wilson, Diane Gilbert, Suzi and Steve W. and just wanted to write back and say when I asked the Lord He just said "Washington".  I too was wondering the state or DC.  A year ago I was thinking probably DC just because of our corruption within the White House but I'm feeling more now that its the state.  I will try to ask Him if its the state or DC.  Hopefully, He can show me either one.  I pray for you guys that said you live there.  My brother-in-law lives in Portland, Oregon (not too sure how close that it is to the west coast but I still worry.  Usually when He speaks to me its a one worder or up to five if I'm lucky! 

Back in May of 2008 all He said to me was "Taiwan".  So I wrote that down in my journal not knowing what it meant but I kept watching.  In August of 2009 a typoon hit Taiwan so I figured that's what the Lord was telling me.  Sometimes things He tells me happen that day, week later or in that case a little over a year later.  I do know He without a doubt is saying "spring" for our time of departure.  When I asked Him in March of 2010 if the rapture would happen that spring 2010 or 2011, He answered with "11".  Guys I really think its this spring from His spirit! The fact that He said 11 I would have answered myself with either 2010 or 2011.
The 11's we all keep seeing I believe is His way to clue us to the year.  

Just yesterday my son who is 9 knows were nearing Christs return for the rapture and for fun He prayed while in his dad's truck driving, he said Lord if your coming for us this year 2011 let me see a deer and he said 5 seconds later his dad said to him "look at that deer".  How amazing! 

Watching and waiting,