Amanda (15 March 2011)
"a word from the Lord regarding volcano in Indonesia"


On Sunday March 13 at night I was praying and asking the Lord for what's to come more signs and He said "volcano" "Indonesia".   I have the chills because I forgot to write down His words to me (how terrible, I need to have a notebook right by my bed because I sometimes forget by morning) and I just read Rene's post about birth pangs from March 14 and she put in there that there are 2 volcanos erupting in Indonesia!!!!!  I will have to research as to when they started.  I also just read Sabrina and Susan's posts of how imminent He is coming.  

He is telling me SPRING, MAY, 11.  PLEASE BE READY ALL and I'm readying myself.  I really need to ask the Lord and have Him convict me of anyting that would not make me rapture ready.