Amanda (12 March 2011)
"For:  Joe M"

Hi Joe,

Thank you for your faithful posts to all of us from your wife.  Thank you too to your wife who listens to Him and relays her messages from the Lord to you to tell us.....THANK YOU!  I look forward to your posts.   I love reading Sabrina and Susan's posts too.  It really hit me hard when I read His words of not being afraid about telling others because I feel that's how I've been.  I can relay His messages here because you all are watching.  But to others who are not watching, well its like I'm speaking a foreign language and yes this is to "church" Christians.  

Thank you, I love this five doves site.  The Lord has used technology for a good reason!  So soon His coming is.  People still do have their heads buried in whatever that is consuming them.  Though He is trying to wake us all up by all of these so called natural disasters.  People need to pick up the Bible and read what the Lord said our time would be like when He is about to come back.  Lots of BIRTH PAINS.  

Have a wonderful weekend,