Amanda (11 March 2011)
"For all Doves"

Hello all,

I can hardly stand it, wait, I'm sooo excited!!  I can just feel His coming soon.  A few days ago in prayer He said to me "weeks".  It's for sure in the SPRING.  I have every reason to believe He is telling me Spring, which He has.  He's also saying MAY.  I asked Him if we would still be here on Easter, He said "yes".  So that's the end of April.  But, He's not leading me anywhere after May.  I felt in prayer recently also He said "one more month".  There have been a lot of "sudden" deaths around me and on the news of young people suddenly dieing.  I right away thought the Lord is trying to waken people up that way too (unfortunately).  I know of 3 men in their 30's that just lost their wifes (one in October, two in February).  These women were mothers of young children, one was pregnant and delivered her baby but died of cancer.  The other mother was pregnant and died in a car crash, days later her baby was taken off her ventilator and died too.  So much heartache and why's.  All I know the Lord has a plan with these deaths.  You wonder were they needed for last minuted preparations in Heaven before we are all there!!!!!  The floods and tornados are ripping across the U.S.  These are all the warning the Lord was telling me and even though I hear Him I still stand stunned!  I can't deny His spirit saying spring and May, along with "11".    

So glad I have all of you guys...really I mean that genuinely.  Not many around me are watching....even at my sad!

So glad the Lord awoke me literally in the spring of 2008 with His voice in my bedroom, visions I have seen and all His clues from His spirit.   I'm glad I can share what He wants others to know!

Love all of you,