Steve Mullin (27 Mar 2022)
"Significance and Summary of 15 year old Jewish boy Nathan who had an amazing vision in 2015"

Nathan's vision is extremely interesting given he was a non-religious Jewish child. What he said confirms what people who have studied scripture and the end times for their entire lives. He said that "Gog" will start the great war. He was asked if he knew who Gog is and he didn't hesitate saying it was Obama. 

So one of the most mind blowing things he said is that the Moshiach will set his foot on the Mt of Olives and it will split in two. That perfectly aligns with the Second Coming of Jesus in Zechariah. 

This video is very informative. I highly recommend watching or re-watching it. The pastor does a nice job of paraphrasing the whole vision 

15 Year-Old Secular Jewish Boy Nathan's Vision of WWIII on Blood Moon: Gog Magog Future of Israel