Steve Coerper (27 Mar 2022)
"The U.S. and Ezekiel chapter 9"

Dear Five Doves reader:

I'm becoming more adverse to speculation, mainly because all the input information upon which any speculation might be based is tainted information.  The bad guys have pipelines of dis-information set up.  I don't trust CNN or MSNBC, but Alex Jones could also be suspect, or WorldNetDaily or TheLibertyDaily or ANY of them.  We just plain don't know who we can trust or where the information comes from or if it's true.

Having said that, I think it's safe to say that the destruction of the United States (and western civilization) is being deliberately engineered.  There are a LOT of illegal aliens being intentionally imported.  These people need to be fed, and I would suspect that the U.S. government does NOT have huge warehouses of food for them.  Rather, they will be given AK47s or similar, and a map to the home of an American family that has been setting food aside in anticipation of what's coming.  I am highly confident that the preppers are all well-known by the bad guys, and with today's information-gathering system it's not at all difficult to find out who owns a Berkey and who has been buying up all the dried beans and Ding Dongs and Pringles, in expectation of shortages.

If that's true, and if Russia remains economically viable with their commodity-backed-ruble currency, while US-FRNs lose all their perceived "value" - (and it's all "perception" as the USD is backed by the "full faith and credit of the United States"; in other words, NOTHING) - then it will be a bullet-based economy here, with the best shooters eating and the second-best starving.

Again, this sounds like the physical manifestation of the spiritual reality:  the Four Horsemen doing what they've been sent to do.

I hope you're a student of Ezekiel.  In chapter 9 we see spiritual reality.  Those who grieve over the sins of the city are marked for salvation and the rest are slaughtered without mercy.  The physical fulfillment came later, within our 3-dimensional space/time frame of reference.  For us, the Horsemen's effects will soon be felt.  Since war, famine, pestilence and the rest are explicitly identified as God's wrath against sinners who refuse to repent, and NOT some form of corrective tribulation for the purpose of developing patience, longsuffering, or some other desirable spiritual virtue, I think it's safe to say that Rev. 3:10 must be fulfilled first.  The "hour of trial" will last longer than an hour, will be extremely unpleasant, and will not be conducive to preparation for a Marriage Supper.