Ray (27 Mar 2022)
"Ezekiel's 430 years iniquity of Israel and Judah, Part 2"

John and Doves,

Here's the timing of the events.

Three shepherds war breakouts in May/June 2023. God cuts off three shepherds in one month. It takes us to July 16 Tamuz 27. Rapture occurs on this day.

Summer of 2023. Release of first four seals by Jesus. First seal is the appearance of Antichrist. He comes by peace according to Daniel 8:25. He conquers and conquers. It speaks of him winning his every move. Second seal is peace taken away from earth. There'll be wars and conflicts in many regions of the world. Third seal is hyperinflation. Fourth seal is death shall follow 1/4 of the world, by hunger, by sword/war, and pestilence.

Fifth seal is a question.

Sixth seal is the battle of Gog/Magog. Seeing US and EU are crippled by rapture, and their financial system collapse, Gog from Russia together with Iran and Turkey shall launch an attack on Israel. They shall come like clouds in the sky. This event takes place in late summer and early Fall. Since God intervenes, this battle shall be short and decisive. By November/December, by the time autumn rain arrives ( Joel 2:23), this battle shall be over.

Cleansing of the land begins. On the evening of Adar 12 Feb 21, 2024, Israel reinstitutes and restores the daily sacrifice, to honor God for preserving their nation again. This is the beginning of 2300 days of the fate of the daily sacrifice.