Paul N. F. (27 March 2012)
"Guard Your Thoughts"

Guard Your Thoughts

By A. W. Tozer

Make your thoughts a clean sanctuary.

God reveals to us that our thoughts are a part
of us. Someone has said that "thoughts are things,"
and the Spirit is all-seeking and all-hearing and
all-loving and pure.

Can you imagine a man with malicious and
evil thoughts in his heart having companionship
with the loving Holy Spirit?

Can you imagine a man bloated with egotism
knowing the Holy Spirit in anything like intimacy?

Can you imagine a man who is a deceiver having
blessed fellowship with the Holy Spirit? Never!

My friend, if you are habitually given over to
thinking and harboring and savoring dirty
thoughts, you are habitually without the
communion of the Holy Spirit!

Keep your mind pure. Clean out the sanctuary
the way old Hezekiah did. They had dirtied up
that sanctuary, so when he had taken over,
Hezekiah got all of the priests together. It took
them days and days, but they carried out all of
the filth and burned it, threw it over the bank
and got rid of it, and then went back and
sanctified the temple. Then the blessed God
came and they had their worship again.

Our thoughts are the decorations inside the
sanctuary where we live. If our thoughts are
purified by the blood of Christ, we are living
in a clean room, no matter if we are wearing
overalls covered with grease.

Our thoughts largely decide the mood and weather
and climate within our beings, and God considers
our thoughts as part of us. They should be
thoughts of peace, thoughts of pity and mercy
and kindness, thoughts of charity, thoughts of God
and the Son of God --- these are pure things,
good things and high things.

Therefore, if we would cultivate the Spirit's
acquaintance, we must have the control of our
thoughts. Our mind ought not to be a wilderness
in which every kind of unclean thought makes its
own way.

Yours in Christ,
Paul N. F.