Patty Hayes (27 Mar 2022)

On March 26,2020 speech in Poland, President Biden said this twice in his speech,  RULES BASED INTERNATIONAL ORDER.  Below is the actual U.N. document, 24 pages statement of this rule, as it is International rule of law.  If you do a google search you can find Australia's use of it. 
I find it interesting that we come up with synonyms to describe what the WEF, Club of Rome and more to put together a One World Gov't.  This is nothing short of that but to note it is now laid out on PDF from the U.N.  what it is and the affects on the nations, ( I loosely say nations as in today's world, the concept of nation states or Sovereign Nations, has been completely stripped and no borders and a one world rule is sweeping over us worldwide.   I would encourage us all to become acquainted with what this is and how does this affect me.  ....Patty Hayes