Neil Lipken (27 Mar 2022)
"This kind of says it all!"

Revelation 13:16-18!   I believe very strongly that the "mask mandate" and "vaccine mandate" have been conditioning people to ultimately accept the MARK, which will be implemented AFTER the upcoming Rapture.   Has everyone noticed the "Universal Product Code" or "UPC" that is on all the products that we buy and sell?  That has been around for the last few decades, and is actually half of the coming MARK system.  During the upcoming 7 year Tribulation Period after the Rapture, when an item is purchased the product will be scanned (like now), and then the human will be scanned on either the right hand or forehead.   Very simple, but anyone who takes the MARK is toast for eternity, for when they die they will go to Hell and later the Lake of Fire!

Well, nuff said for now.   The hour is late in these End Times!   Sad how few churches will deal with this extremely important topic, but that is explained by Matthew 24:39!

P.S.   Happy spring, everyone!   The groundhog said it is coming, and he is usually right!