Mathman (27 Mar 2022)
"Wheel of Fortune Message from God"

Wheel of Fortune Message from God

Dear Five Doves,

It has been years since I have posted as MathMan, but this seemed like too much fun not to post 🙂!!  I have enjoyed continuing to read this site from a distance - Good Job, John!!
Thanks, Mathman!

Wheel of Fortune Message from God

On Wheel of Fortune, they have never given two $100,000 prizes in a row in the show's almost 40-year history. On February 7th, 8th & 9th, the $100,000 prize was given out 3 times in a row.

Probability of 3 $100,000 prizes being paid out in a row:

The $100,000 is the bonus wedge 1/24 times

Winning the bonus happens just less than 50% of the time (based on observation)

This means that winning the $100,000 should happen 1 in every 50 shows.

Having this happen three times in a row changes this to (1 in 50) x (1 in 50) x (1 in 50), or 1 in 125,000!!

Wheel of Fortune tapes 195 episodes per season.

Having three winners in a row is therefore estimated to occur 1 in every 641 seasons / years (125,000 / 195 episodes per season or 3 times since Jesus was on the Earth 2000 years ago)

Was there a message in the three winning puzzles? You be the judge... The Following are the WINNING PHRASES for each of these three days of $100,000 bonuses...


2/8/2022: A QUICK FLIGHT

2/9/2022: JUST YOU WAIT

Sounds like a summary of what we are anticipating in just 8 simple words :-)!!!!

Much love & blessings, MathMan 🙂!!!