Fay (27 Mar 2022)
"The Weirdness Grows"


Have you all noticed how the political elite appear to have gone stark raving bonkers? The article in the link below serves to deepen the bizarre times we are living in. Naftali Bennet, Benny Gantz et al are running around like headless chickens. Every one of them are trying to secure allies as the world hurtles toward an inevitable war. There is so much the public are not being told.

Many thanks to 1 Corinthians 10:31 who provided links to other Christian forums a few weeks ago. I accessed one (Revelation 12 Daily) which has some fascinating daily posts. I also find the RITAN website truly wonderful. The writers offered up some fascinating links. One being to the Monkey Werx US you tube channel. Mind blowing is an understatement. To observe, in real time, the build-up of foreign troops and hardware around Ukraine is jaw dropping. We are nearer the brink of a world war than most realise.