Fay (27 Mar 2022)
"Reply to Lady Warrior"


Hi Lady Warrior - So good to hear from you. I pray you have found peace in God's strength. As for Zelensky and this war being waged - I am with you. Everything is fake. I don't doubt that innocent people are being killed - which is heart-breaking. But I do feel that it's all planned and the end result desired from the evil powers-that-be, is Jerusalem. We are at THAT stage of prophecy where we need to fully recognise that this is all about Jerusalem. No matter how much the secular world and media try to divert us.

It is a war between good and evil. Jerusalem will be a cup of trembling. A stumbling block. We all need to recognise what is truly going on. Your insightful post linked below.

Many hugs and blessings to you, Lady Warrior.