Fay (27 Mar 2022)
"Media Garbage - Prime Example!"


Hi John and Doves,

When the BLM protests first broke out in the USA, we (UK) were perplexed. Hadn't the USA previously (and overwhelmingly) voted in the first bi racial President in the form of Obama? This is not the action of a racist country. Then the BLM protests hit the UK !!! It caused all manner of alarm and confusion. Until - the figure-head of the BLM movement, in the UK - was shot in the head whilst she was at a crowded party. This was putdown to a "drive-by shooting". Considering the crowded numbers at the party - the drive-by shooter was one heck of a sniper! Said BLM figure-head is still in hospital - comatose and without half her skull. Hmmm. UK mainstream media stopped promoting the BLM extravaganza from then on. It vanished from our news - almost overnight. What a coincidence. Let's just say it failed to take off, and leave it at that, shall we?

The media have the power to lie and twist every single little thing. Transgenderism, for example. A media construct. Please see the article in the link re another media construct. The "Palestinian" lie. This one involves another media construct in the form of one Gigi Hadid. A so-called super model. She claims she is a Palestinian! A short, informative article in the link. What gets me is that few are willing to stand up to this utter rubbish. Why are our leaders so cowed by the media? Cowardice at it's finest. Christianity needs to find it's voice.