Fay (27 Mar 2022)
"Buying into the Matrix"


Hi John and Doves,

This is for all the biological women out there. And the men who KNOW exactly what a woman is. That this is up for discussion is a sign of the total insanity that rules our media headlines. The media garbage that pummels away at us - day after day after day. Just as they did with covid and BLM. The media garbage is RELENTLESS. As are the current war headlines.

This is obviously from satan. And shame on the politicians who are too cowardly to answer the question of what a woman is. They are stupidity and cowardice on steroids. Meek little nobodies who are desperate to follow the party line. Spineless idiots. How on earth did they reach the pinnacles of power?

We must never doubt ourselves, Doves. No matter how dense the media narrative feels. We must not let it overwhelm us. Remember too, that if the media can lie about simple biology re what a woman is - imagine how outrageous their lies are about the current war raging in Ukraine/Russia. We need to keep our "sensible" hats on and simply pray. Lay our worries and anxieties at the feet of the LORD God. A short video clip in the link. Just over 4 minutes.