Elliot Hong (27 Mar 2022)
"Could Matthew 9:17 be a Clue?"

Dear Doves:

As it's written in Matthew 9:17, New Wine should be poured into New Wineskins.
According to Exodus chapter 12, the Lord told Moses and Aaron that Nisan should be the first month of the year.
And all the instructions for Exodus were given to them on Nisan 1.
But not only Israel but also most Churches failed to keep the instructions.
Israel failed to recognize the Lamb of God and most Churches failed as they returned to Egypt.
This is why the Lord could begin the new work from Nisan 1 to teach them as presenting the glorious Overcomers.

Because 2022 is the Jewish Leap Year, the 13th month is added.
13 means Apostasy and Rebellion.
Throughout human history, the world has been rebellious against the Lord.
Especially, the beast system of NWO is the most rebellious force at this end times and it's connected to the number 13.
This is why the Lord could begin to judge before the 13th month ends in order to teach the lesson.

The message that Barbara Francis received on 3/24 shows how close it is.
Russia is threatening to use nuclear weapons and North Korea successfully launched ICBM for test on 3/24.
SD is at hand, and I see 3 scenarios.

1) Since Jimmy Lishman received 27 as a closure, the midnight cry could be heard on 3/27, then we rise on the third day.

2) Since Ever Given was refloated on 3/29/21, the midnight cry could be heard on 3/29, then we rise on the third day.

3) The last day of the 13th month is 4/1 (Adar II 29) which fits to Rev.4:1 and happens to be April Fools' Day.
    It fits to the separation between the wise virgins and the foolish virgins.
    If the midnight cry is heard on 4/1, the Remnant will be birthed on 4/4 which fits to $2.34.
    Since O is the 44th President, 4/4 could be the day for "The Removal of The Restrainer."
    4/4 is 11 days from 3/24 when North Korea launched ICBM in 4 years, 4 months.
    4/2 is the new moon of Nisan, and the prophecy of the new moon of Colossians 2:16-17 could be fulfilled this time.

Hopefully this theory becomes a reality this time.