Clay Cantrell (27 Mar 2022)
"Repost: Russian Invasion Dream, 3rd or 4th time, Same Dream, More Intense, Involves Australia"

Interested readers -

In light of certain terrible events in Europe this year, I thought it prophetically prudent to repost the “Russian Invasion Dream” which the Lord sent me early on July 17, 2021. The dream is, of course, still being deciphered. 

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The morning of July 17, 2021 I had for the 3rd or 4th time what I’m referring to as a “Russian Invasion Dream”, but it’s not a military invasion. I have not posted about it before because it was shorter and less detailed, but this time it was longer, more intense and more clearly detailed. It is the same dream and it occurs in the United States somewhere.

Here are the almost exact notes that I wrote immediately upon getting up:

I’m in the same place as the other dreams. I’m in some kind of large warehouse, distribution center or possible factory, though I saw no machinery anywhere; I’m on the first floor along with a many other people. This time, someone I know is with me in the dream which is unlike the earlier versions. Suddenly out of nowhere a lot of men enter the warehouse. All foreign nationals that appear to be Russians or east Europeans, all males except for one woman who is a dark brown haired beauty, about 35 years old. Her role is uncertain. They brazenly enter the place and make threatening moves towards everyone as if they are taking the place over, but they do it very quietly. There is very little to no talking on their part. It’s the same place, the same scenario as in every other iteration of the dream. The men are very aggressive and act threatening to everyone, they act like “thugs”. Very bold, like bullies.

About a third of the way through the dream, the same person shows up and enters the building as in the previous dreams. He is about 5’10-11”, caucasian, dark hair, very handsome - about 40 years old. He is wearing a long dark cashmere winter coat, black gloves and is carrying a briefcase in his right hand. He appears to be a lawyer and/or a translator and starts speaking with someone I don’t know, but other warehouse people quickly gather around him and listen. I saw the guy very clearly being about 10’ away from him and could easily pick him out of a line-up. I cannot hear anything he or anyone was saying.

The “thugs" start going through everyone’s personal belongings, wallets, purses, etc apparently looking for American money (cash) and intimidating people. There are many more of these men than in earlier dreams and they are much more intense. At one point I look into my own wallet and take out paper money. To my surprise I have Australian paper money in my wallet and in the dream I wonder “why do I have Australian money?" This was a clear and new detail in this iteration of the dream. Prophetically significant I’m sure. Considering it now, I theorize that the “thugs' came to the USA via Australia and perhaps had done the same thing down there? I don’t carry Australian money.

I got a good look at two of the thugs. One definitely looked Russian or eastern European, taller than me, very broad shouldered, strong, barrel chest, blonde hair cut very short, wearing a hunting camo vest. There are no military uniforms anywhere.  He and I locked eyes and I say something to him which is new to this dream: “I see you brought more people with you this time.” He says nothing, a great stone face. Another of the thugs was close to me. He is thin and very short, about 5’, younger than the others, maybe 16-18 years old. He also has very short cut blonde hair and is also wearing a hunting camo vest. He and I lock eyes, his are blue. He says nothing, a younger great stone face.
(Edit: On 8.6.21 while doing a review of this dream the Lord showed me that the older blonde man and the younger short blonde young man who are dressed alike are actually related; they are father and son; they both wore matching clothes and their haircuts also matched being white blonde, very short and combed forward. 

About 2/3rds of the way into the dream, gunfire suddenly erupts outside and I can see shot flashes through some of the windows of the warehouse. It’s very close to the building. Just as suddenly police (not military) start quickly streaming into the building. One appears to be a Chief of Police. He also wears a long dark winter weight overcoat and gloves and hat, standard winter police attire. He is over 6’ tall and broad shouldered was with a very commanding presence. He says nothing that I can hear. We look briefly at each other.

Immediately I and the rest of the workers in the warehouse suddenly appeared outside of the building. It seems we were all evacuated to safety? We are all standing in line to get on a school bus which is parked on the grass under a huge shade tree and we are also in the shade. It feels to be late in the day, about 6pm or later. I can see the sun going down and am facing west. It is late summer and if I had to guess I would say we are in Arkansas somewhere. You can check a map to see where that is in the USA. There is a disconnect between the outfits that the lawyer and police chief wore inside which was winter outerwear. I have no idea why, my only postulating is that a passage of time or distance is represented by the two seasons.
No one says anything as we wait outside ... absolutely nothing, which was very odd.

The dream was very unsettling and very unpleasant. I awoke.

Jesus is Lord.