Chance (27 Mar 2022)
"The Month of Nisan - Watch April 1/2"

Hello John and Doves,
April 1, 2022 is the New Moon.  The New Moon phase for Jerusalem will be at 9:24 am on April 1.  The sliver of the New Moon may not be seen until the next day, April 2.  So keep this in mind for the month of Nisan.
The month of Nisan is the first month of the Hebrew calendar.
I did a bit of research on the month of Nisan and found some interesting things:
Nisan is the month of the barley ripening and the first month of spring.
It is called "Nisan" in the Book of Esther.
It is also called "New Year", Rosh Hashanah.
Aviv in Hebrew means "barley ripening".
Arthur C wrote a letter to Doves about a potential Rapture timeline for April 1, 2022 - 1 Nisan. 
A potential Rapture timeline for April 1, 2022 or therabouts.
On 1 Nisan:
Nisan is the first month of the Biblical Jewish calendar.  The month of Spring.  Rosh Hashanah - head of the year.
"nes" of Nisan means miracle.  Seeing "Nisan" in a dream portends to "miracles of miracles" in the future.
"On Rosh Chodesh (the first of the month of Nisan), ben Yisrael (the children of Israel) heard the nes (miracle) that they were going to be redeemed on the night of the 15th, later in that very month.
"In Nisan we were redeemed in the past, and in Nisan we are destined to be redeemed again."  (a midrashic quote (Exodus Rabbah 15:2) asserting that just as the Exodus from Egypt took place in Nisan so too will the ultimate messianic redemption).  
"We hold this evening to put everyone in the correct spiritual mindset - to realize with all their might that this could be the month of the Geulah (messianic redemption).
"Here are ten reasons Nisan 1 (April 2) is a pivotal date in 2022:  (I didn't copy all 10- see the link below)
Completion of seven Sabbatical weeks since the 1967 restoration of Jerusalem to the Jews.  This is significant because Daniel's Weeks Prophecy says Messiah will appear "seven weeks" after Jerusalem is restored."
Nisan 1 marks the completion of seven Sabbatical weeks, it also marks the start of a fiftieth year, a potential Jubilee (Lev. 25:8-10)
Nisan 1 marks the completion of "seven" and "sixty-two" Sabbatical weeks since Jerusalem's wall was rebuilt by Islamic rules Suleiman.  (Dan. 9:25)  Suleiman ordered the rebuilding of Jerusalem's wall in 1536-37 AD.  Counting "seven" and "sixty-two" weeks from the start of the first Sabbatical week following the order to rebuild (Nisan 1539AD), we arrive at Nisan 2022.
Nisan 1 this year marks the start of the eleventh Sabbatical week (2022-29) since Israel became a nation in 1948.  The number 11 denotes chaos, disorder, and judgment in Scripture, themes associated with the Tribulation period.  The next Sabbatical cycle (2029-36) is the twelfth.  The number 12 signified God's authority and perfect governmental foundation in Scripture, pointing to the establishment of Jesus' Millennial Kingdom.
Nisan 1 this year marks the 354th Sabbatical weeks since Daniel's Weeks Prophecy began to be fulfilled when a group of Jews began the journey home to Jerusalem from Babylon, on the first day of Nisan in 457 BC (EZra 7:9)  The number 354 is the number of days in a lunar year.  The moon is symbolic of the Church, or Bride of Christ, it could denote the fullness of time related to the Bride.  In Strong's 354 Greek refers to "taking up" into heaven.
2022 makes seven years since consecutive blood-moon eclipses occurred on the spring and fall harvest festivals, Passover and Tabernacles.
March 10 this year marks 73 years since the newly planted 'fig tree' Israel substantially enlarged its borders after the Arab-Israeli War.  
2022 marks 1,335 years since the Dome of the Rock was built on the Temple Mount. (Dan 12:11,12)  Counting 1,290 prophetic years from when the daily Temple sacrifice was taken away by Nebuchadneszzar we arrive at 687-688 AD, the year the Dome of the Rock was set up.  Counting forward 1,335 years from when the Dome of the Rock was set up we arrive at 2022.
Much more information at the link: 
Ten Reasons Nisan 1 Is A Pivotal Date In 2022
The Universe was created.
The traveling sanctuary that the Israelites built for God was inaugurated.
The day the floodwaters receded from the earth, after the doves was sent out by Noah and returned with an olive branch.
According to the Talmud, Abraham died.
According to the Talmud, Isaac died.
According to the Talmud, Jacob died.
On 7 Nisan:
Joshua sent the two spies into Jericho.
On 10 Nisan:
The Israelites cross the Jordan River into Canaan.
The first Shabbat HaGadol was celebrated by the Israelites in Egypt five days before the Exodus.
On 14 Nisan:
The eve of the 15th, was the first Passover meal and the 10th plague on Egypt, the slaying of the firstborn.
On 15 Nisan:
The birth of Isaac
The Exodus from Egypt
Esther appear before Ahasuerus unsummoned and invites him and Haman to a feast to be health the same day.  
On 16 Nisan:
The Israelites stop eating manna six days before entering the Holy Land
Esther's second feast, during which she accuses Haman regarding his plot to annihilate her nation.
On 17 Nisan:
Noah's Ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat.
Haman hanged.
On 21 Nisan:
The sea splits, allowing Israel to escape the Egyptian army.
On 28 Nisan:
Battle of Jericho by Joshua
Luis Vega wrote, " is exclusively counting from the Spring Equinox to determine, in this case when Passover should really be celebrated.  According to the Bible, it should be the 14th Day of the 1st month, Nisan,  And Nisan (Aviv) starts on the 1st New Moon after the Spring Equinox.  Thus, this will ensure that by the 14th Day, Passover will always occur on a full moon, etc...For 2022, as mentioned, Passover starts on the eve of April 14, 2022, based solely off of the Spring Equinox Count.  This is exciting because then the whole 2022 Year will be 'correct' in terms of calculating the Feast from the Equinoxes that are in-sync with the Sabbath Cycles."  (Luis Vega's 2022 Gregorian Calendar dates for April, 2022 below.) 
PS News-596
Maybe this month of April will hold the Rapture and the start of the Tribulation.  1 Nisan is coming up this week - could be Friday or Saturday, April 1 or 2.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

2022 Gregorian Calendar but based on Astronomical Count
1.         March 20, 2022           = Spring Equinox
2.         April 1, 2022                = 1st New Moon after Spring Equinox in 2022 =1st Month
3.         April 14, 2022              = Passover April 1, 2022 = 1st Month + 14th Day = (Full Moon)
4.         April 15, 2022              = Unleavened Bread
5.         April 16, 2022              = ‘Marrow’ after Weekly Sabbath of Sheaf Wave Offering
6.         April 17, 2022              = First Fruits