Chance (27 Mar 2022)
"Todd Callender, Military Lawsuit Against The 'Vaccine', and AIDS/HIV"

Hello John and Doves,
I came across this audio of TruNews host Rick Wiles interviewing Todd Callender on 2/18/2022.   Todd Callender is a disability lawyer and disabled/morbidity rights activist and lawyer who has worked with WHO, the Bill Gates Foundation, etc.  He has filed suit against the U.S. government on behalf of U.S. servicemen who do not want to take the mandated Covid-19 mRNA 'vaccine'. 
D.R.A. | Disabled Rights Advocates
They talk about covid, the mRNA 'vaccine', the altering of our DNA, 5G, the zombie apocalypse, genocide, Agenda for the 21st Century, war crimes against humanity, etc. 
In his representing the military, Callender used the military's own health data base.  In it they found: 
A 1100% increase in morbidity and mortality in our military last year and expecting 5000% increase in morbidity and mortality in our military this year - this is shown/proven by the military health database that Todd Callender is using for his law suit.  Vaccinated people are showing up with antibody immune deficiencies - like AIDS - their immune systems are damaged/destroyed by the vaccines/booster. 
Callender believes that those who have refused to take the 'vaccine' have a discernment from God about this.  He said all of the military members that he represents have a strong belief/foundation in God - almost all are 'Christians' (a few Jewish members).
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Todd Callender believes this 'vaccine' is a "well-planned genocide meant to kill billions - 'a billion people are likely already dead' - and destroy national sovereignty in favor of a world government staffed by homicidal maniacs...the vaccinations are meant to destroy the American republic and erase the idea of God."
Attorney Todd Callender: The Vax Genocide Has Likely Killed a Billion People Freedom First Network
This is why President Trump's Covid Panel of select individuals was filled in 2020 with many people who were involved in research on HIV/AIDS.  Fauci's background is very strongly based in HIV research.  I thought it odd that this panel was manned by HIV research people - why not epidemiologists or infectious disease doctors?  Why HIV researchers?  Now we know.  Covid had pieces of the HIV virus inserted into it as part of 'gain of function'.  And those vaccinated are experiencing the destruction of their immune systems - resulting in AIDS.
Covid-19 Task Force Members who the American people heard from the most during 2020/2021:
Deborah Birx - United States Global AIDS Coordinator
Alex Azar - HHS Secretary; former pharmaceutical executive - big advocate for combating HIV across the globe; spokesman for the World AIDS Day.
Francis Collins - Director of National Institutes of Health, DNA research, funded HIV/AIDs research
Anthony Fauci - Director of NIAID; major contributions in HIV/AIDS research
This is also why when the Australians tried to make their own mRNA vaccine to Covid-19 they had to stop because the clinical trial volunteers were all testing positive for HIV antibody.  Interesting.  How did these clinical trial designers know to test these people for this?  There should have been no reason for this - unless they knew something. 
Australia ends COVID-19 vaccine trials due to HIV antibody positives |
We also know that this mRNA 'vaccine' alters human DNA - it changes people.  It is creating a 'new human' - Callender believes the third shot/the booster brings about the final change of a human into a new species.  As a lawyer, he points out that the "creation of a synthetic DNA molecule...creates a new genome with its own "intellectual property rates".  "This may mean that those who've been injected with three Covid shots are "no longer humans for purposes of law," but a "new species".
This information is very sobering.  The depths of the depravity of our leaders and their minions - following satan - is astonishing and shocking.  They are bringing genocide and world domination with their Covid vaccine narrative and Great Reset agenda.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!