Candy (27 Mar 2022)
"Reply to 1 Cor 10:31"

This is my first letter to The Five Doves although I have read them for many years and am a strong supporter of the pre-Tribulation Rapture which is imminent. Because of that fact demonic activity has greatly increased. The devil knows that his time is short, and he is ramping up his forces in preparation for the great deception coming in the Tribulation.

First of all, yes, demonic forces can do many things, including remove items from your home. This is an attempt to frighten you, since fear is one of their greatest tactics. As you know God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind (II Tim. 1:7.) Greater is he that is within you than he that is in the world (I John 4:4), so there is no need for you to fear a lesser power. The Holy Spirit within you will defeat the enemy, You are not doing anything “wrong”, and you are not “losing it.” But there are additional things you can do.

As a short-term foreign missionary I have seen demonic manifestations all over the world. They are surprisingly alike, all designed to convince onlookers that they have powers stronger than God’s power. They are no match for the Name, the Blood, and the Word of God. All of these need to be applied in any case of demonic manifestation.

The first question I would ask is if anyone lived in your home before you did. If so, and that person was not a Christian, there may have been practices that occurred that were evil and that brought a familiar spirit to the home. This spirit must be ejected if that is the case. If not, then proceed to the next steps. BTW, a familiar spirit is one who settles down in an area because it is familiar with the location and people associated with it.

Be sure that nothing in your life or your home can hinder the work of the Holy Spirit in evicting these invaders. Cleanse your mind of any unforgiveness, doubt, or anything against the Word of God. Also be sure that there is nothing in the home that could be a demonic influence such as books, music, or items that would invite them to be present. There have been instances where kids had a Ouija board, sometimes without parental knowledge, that brought a demonic presence into the home. Even items from a foreign culture could have a familiar spirit attached. I have had to be very careful in purchasing souvenir items in the many foreign countries I have visited, particularly in countries with pagan worship.

Fill your home with the Word of God if you have it on an audio device. You can also play worship and praise music. Demons will not stay where Jesus is magnified, and that’s what you want to do. The more you exalt Him audibly the less you will have the presence of evil spirits in your home. Claim your home as the territory of the Holy Spirit and that no evil has any right to be there. Evict them in the Name of Jesus and anoint the doors and windows with oil. Plead the Blood of Jesus to be applied as well. 

Jesus spoke of the prayer of agreement. Where two or three are gathered and when they agree as touching a certain thing, it shall be done (Matthew 18:19). Find two others who are strong in faith to agree with you and pray for the cleansing of your home. You are stronger than any demonic power, and the combined strength of the others will not only boost your faith, but you will see deliverance come.

I hope these steps help you. May our Lord Jesus continue to bless you as we walk each other Home!

Blessings and prayers,

Welcome to the doves, Candy!