Shelly (11 Mar 2018)
"If Graham is an archetype of Moses, then.."

If Graham is an archetype of Moses, then we have 33 days from his death to the entering the promised land.
From Deuteronomy 34: 5 -8
Israel mourned for 30 days.  

 Plus Joshua had the men wait 3 days before they set out to cross the Jordan,( Joshua 1:10-11) once they crossed over they all had circumcision at Gilgal and rested there until they had healed,(Joshua 5:1:12) then they also celebrated Passover and ate of the produce of Gilgal , on that day the manna had stopped. Then they were instructed to march around Jericho a total of seven days. (Joshua 6:1:27) So What day would our crossing over be?  Any day is possible.Also is it possible that the Day they set out to cross the Jordan to the day of Jericho's walls falling, could this be a shadow of the coming Ezekiel war and the 7 year tribulation or am I just reaching?