Ruby (25 Mar 2018)
"re:  Fay 18/3/2018 Famous Rabbi"

Interesting dream, Fay.  I understand the difficulty in trying to properly hear a language you don't know.  Most likely the voice said, Tav, Shin, Ayin, Chet (with a gutteral H, Het, coming from the back of the throat, no C like in English is actually pronounced by the way).   The webpage says that often the 5,000 is sometimes implied when the year is written.  This is because each of the Hebrew letters has a numerical value assigned to it.  'Not enough letters to go up to the thousands.  So, for the year 5778, in Hebrew they could write 778.  The values are added up for each letter.
Tav = 400
Shin = 300
Ayin = 70
Chet = 8

So 400 + 300+ 70 + 8 = 778.  


Fay (18 Mar 2018) 
"Famous Rabbi Died - Prophetic?"

I was reading this article with great interest and wondering at the deaths we've had this year. Billy Graham being the most prophetic. Then I recalled a dream I had in about March / April 2017. I know it was around that time of the year because President Trump was due to visit Israel in May 2017. Because of this vivid dream, I thought something was going to happen during Trump's visit. I was very disturbed as I'm not a habitual dreamer. I saw (in the dream) a very hot desert like scene. There was fighting going on in the distance - sand and tanks and guns. President Trump was standing at a distance from the fighting - he had his profile to me. He looked flushed and shocked. A voice kept repeating the words (I will spell them phonetically) .... Tuff Shin ine get. The "g" in get being a soft g. I mistook it for a "b". Over and over again the voice kept repeating this. The scene abruptly changed to a green place. There were shrubs and grass. Out of the shadows of a tree, a man stepped towards me. He was young and dressed just like the Hasidic Jews in the link below. Exactly like them. The hat, the black clothing - the twirly sideburns etc. He was non threatening but was holding a large knife on a cushion. He was holding the cushion with the knife on it with both hands. We looked at each other in silence, then he walked to me - bowed - and offered me the cushion with the knife on it. He was giving it to me. I saw he looked very sad.

I was so rattled by this dream and couldn't figure out what the words were that the voice had kept repeating to me. I spent ages on google, trying to find out the meanings of these Hebrew words. I then resorted to phoning around Jewish synagogues in London and speaking to some very nice people. They were surprisingly receptive - I mean, it's not every day some stranger phones you to relate a dream they had. They were surprised but didn't treat me like a nutter. Perhaps it was my abysmal Hebrew accent, because not one could tell me what those words meant. I even phoned up a kosher deli and spoke to a young Israeli working there. He couldn't help me. Then, I had an amazing breakthrough. I clicked on a video clip of Rabbi Glazerson and his codes. For the first time, he was talking about the year 5778 in the codes. Remember, we were still in 5777 at the time. As he pronounced the year 5778 in Hebrew, my bulb didn't just light up - it exploded! Those were the words in my dream!! Of course, I wanted the words to mean something was going to happen in 5777 - in the May of 2017 during Trump's visit to Israel. 

I don't know if it means anything, but it came screaming back to me when I saw these photos.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus.

Famed rabbi is mourned by ultra-Orthodox Jews after dying at age 95