Paul Wilson (4 Mar 2018)
"Regarding Surrogacy"

On Bill Muehlenbergís site he has a article on adoption and surrogacy I tried to post this comment but it hasnít got there yet but would like your thoughts.      

<<<I am still not convinced. 

But let me give you this scenerio: A woman becomes pregnant but canít afford a child at this time and wishes to get an abortion she meets a pro-life person outside the clinic and while not persuaded to become pro-life does contemplate that there is a waiting list for couples wanting to adopt babies and decides to carry the child to term and give the child up for adoption so someone can raise it. How is that different than surrogacy??? She does not want the child but is carrying it to term for someone else. She has no intention of keeping it but is carrying it only because she wants someone else to have a child. While i agree abortion is wrong in this scenario you have a woman who still believes that abortion is right but has been made to have compassion for someone who wants a child and thus decides to carry the child for them and give it up so someone can adopt it.

Biology isnít the most important thing for a child that is why adoption can work. Families are built on LOVE not genes. Sometimes biological parents arenít in the best interests of the child and children are taken away and put up for adoption. Although courts tend to favor biology over all even if it isnít in the childís best interest. (A father can divorce the mother and leave her and the child and years latter after she has remarried and lived with her new husband for years and he has had no contact with his son when she dies he shows up wanting the kid even though the child has bonded and attached to the step dad of several years but the courts will give the child to the biological father even though it would almost certainly be in the childís best interest to stay with the step dad.)

I agree there are excesses and abuses in surrogacy but you canít get rid of something just because some abuse it. Nudity is abused by being made into pornography but that does not mean ALL nudity is bad (or sexual). Natural and artistic nudity is quite good, not sinful, and not sexual.

Also some surrogacies the fetus is biologically the parents but a different womb is needed because the mom is unable to carry the child to term. Even some IVF treatments simply aide the couple with their own eggs and sperm. And leftover embryos can be adopted by people becoming what are called snowflake babies. Some surrogacies the sperm is that of the father only the egg is donated and a womb is needed.

Through surrogacy a woman at church could help an infertile couple at church have a child. Or the cases of moms carrying their grandchild for their infertile daughter (in-law). Or a sister (in-law) carrying her niece/nephew for her infertile sister or brotherís infertile wife. While I think there should be some regulations and rules, especially that the surrogate should NOT breastfed the child but leave that up to the mom, I feel that surrogacy can be properly done and can glorify God in the process.

One might see levirate marriage as a loosely similar concept since the child produce was not the offspring of the father but of his his dead brother. While not EXACTLY the same we have the brother providing a child for someone else and the child would never be his but would be the child of someone else. I know it is a loose analogy but it is a example of God having one person provide children for someone else. We know God doesnít allows work the way we thought he would. Some have child after child even if they canít afford it because they assume God will shut the womb if he doesnít want them to have kids. If done right surrogacy could provide opportunities to witness and even future opportunities to help someone you might not have know to help if not for the surrogacy. God could use a surrogacy arrangement in many ways to further his kingdom. 

I wish I could email you I would love to talk about this and much more in email. God doesnít want me on facebook so that is not an option.>>>

If anyone has his address and can email it to him I would appreciate it.

Paul Wilson
Protestant(to show I donít follow the pope)
Independence MO USA

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