Neil Lipken (4 Mar 2018)
"Trump's peace plan---- Old City of Jerusalem to come under INTERNATIONAL CONTROL---- THIS IS RIGHT OUT OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION!"

Revelation 11:2     And leave out the court which is outside the temple (this will be the upcoming Third Temple), and do not measure it, for IT HAS BEEN GIVEN TO THE NATIONS, AND THEY WILL TREAD UNDER FOOT THE HOLY CITY (Jerusalem) FOR FORTY-TWO MONTHS.

The current "peace plan" (actually FALSE peace) is to divide Eretz Israel (the land of Israel) and create a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem (the Old City) as its capitol.   And this plan encompasses allowing East Jerusalem to come under INTERNATIONAL CONTROL.   In other words, the nations will rule over East Jerusalem exactly as prophesied in Revelation 11:2 above! The actual division of the land forming a Palestinian State will occur shortly after the Rapture / "sudden destruction" occurs and the antichrist appears on the global scene, "making a firm covenant with the many for one week" (Daniel 9:27).   This is a week of years, 7 specifically, also known as the Tribulation Period.   The division of the land of Israel forming a Palestinian State will incur God's wrath upon the world (Joel 3:2) during the Tribulation Period.   I believe very strongly that the formation of the Palestinian State will be in trade for Israel's right to begin building the Third Temple, and both will be components of the Daniel 9:27 covenant.

Israel will turn 70 years old this coming May 14th.   From the parable of the fig tree in the Bible, the generation to see Israel's return (1948) will see all end time events fulfilled.   The Rapture / "sudden destruction" will precede the Daniel 9:27 covenant and subsequent building of the Third Temple.