Neil Lipken (11 Mar 2018)
"Allison Coe---- May of 2017-------an "Event" coming (Rapture)."

An unsaved hypnotist in Portland, Oregon, in May of 2017 describes an "event" coming with monetary changes after the "event".   We know this as the Rapture, and following the Rapture the "mark of the beast".   This description is coming from Satan's people (unsaved folks).   Satan is well aware of the Rapture, and he wants to provide a false explanation for it when it happens so people will be deceived as to what really happened.    


P.S.   This video was made last year in May.   I just sent out a more recent video that was much longer.

P.P.S.   Isn't it amazing how Satan's folks are revealing this, yet  many Christian pastors do not want to talk about these End Times and the Rapture ????!!!!!!   Obviously, however, the satanic references to the Rapture are cloaked in "googliglop" with expressions such as "higher self", "energy", etc.