Neil Lipken (11 Mar 2018)
"Very interesting short video on timing!---- 5777 jubilee year ends mid-March, 2018."

When we think of Rosh Hashanah we often think of the Rapture happening at that time of the year.   But IF (I said IF) the "great trumpet" of Matthew 24:31 could fulfill Rosh Hashanah (the Feast of Trumpets) in the same year as the Second Coming and just prior to it (the Second Coming fulfills Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement), then the Rapture could "float free" to any other time of the year so long as it is associated with "sudden destruction".   We know in the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament that the bridegroom comes for his bride in the SPRING of the year.   Jesus Himself was raised from the dead in the spring of the year, as was Lazarus.   So, spring is a possible time for the Rapture in any given year.

This short video is most interesting in explaining the Jewish calendar and where we are now relative to the biblical jubilee year of 5777.    The biblical Jewish year always starts on Nisan 1 in the spring of the year.   The secular Jewish year starts on Tishri 1 in the fall of the year.

Israel will turn 70 years old in May of this year, and in the parable of the fig tree in the Bible we know that with Israel's return in 1948 we are the "generation" to see all end time events fulfilled, and that includes the Rapture, 7 year Tribulation Period, and the Second Coming of Christ.


P.S.   We also know from Scripture that the times we are living in are JUST LIKE the days of Noah.   What happened in Noah's day?   NO ONE would listen to Noah's message and accept the message!   Everyone except 7 family members rejected his message although it was truly from God!   Same thing today!   Most pastors and churches will not touch the topic of end time Bible prophecy!   They wholeheartedly reject this topic though the Rapture continues to draw near!

P.P.S.   I do not know if the Rapture could occur this spring or this fall or in a near future year, but I do know that the hour is very late in these End Times in 2018!   It is very easy to prove a number of ways with Scripture.

P.P.P.S.   Are we as believers to be EAGER for the Lord's coming?   You betcha!   There are a lot of Scripture verses affirming this, but I will not go into this topic here.