Mary Adams (25 Mar 2018)
"The Fig Leaf called *"

The fig leaf called *
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Everywhere you go, you can hear people cursing and swearing—saying dirty, nasty words.  When what they say is then quoted in newspapers or in a book, it is usually written with asterisks inserted. (Example; f**k) More and more it’s becoming a common way to say something without saying it---or how a journalist can get away with quoting nasty words without the risk of being fired.
I ended up doing a little research on this symbol * and found it very interesting. I had no idea it could be tied to religious or spiritual issues.
Books have been written explaining its spiritual aspect: The use of * is one such way a person expresses what they consider are the painful chains of being bound and restricted by religion and moral compasses.  The Woodstock years of the 60s and 70s were an openly explosive rebellion against all that God stood for, and a person should remove them as shackels to become a truly free person.  The thinking is that when nothing is considered evil, a person becomes liberated from any consequences of good or evil, heaven or hell. They swim in that thought like some migrating duck.
As the use of profanity and filthy words seems to be gaining, it is interesting that we can see this spiritual battle still seesawing across the pages of the printed word.  The moral side can’t go so far as to print what was actually said, so the use of * gives the reader a cowardly hint at what was implied without the writer having to feel any guilt over it.
Who told you you were naked?”  God said to Adam when he and Eve excused themselves from their usual walk with Him and had sewn leaves to cover their private parts in shame.  Disobedience had exposed their guilt and they could no longer look foward to a daily walk with Him. Sin separates us from God.
One of the most debated items this last election had to do was with restrictions; Too many laws-versus the liberty to be free to do whatever one wants without the shame or guilt which religious morals impose. But both had consequences. We are now reaping what has been sown; abolish marriage—just live together; free to walk away from the responsibilites of parenting.  Choose any lifestyle you want.  Abortion will take care of any unplanned burden. Do whatever feels good. Already, homosexuality and alternate lifestyles are taught in our schools, and even vice-president Biden once presided over a same-sex male wedding. Don’t forget that if his name gets put on the democratic ballot next election. Sociologist Catherine Haki wrote: “In reality Sex is no more a moral issue than eating a good meal.”
America is touted as “the land of the free, the home of the brave”.  Yet without there being laws (both civil and moral) and lawmen to enforce them, none of us could enjoy any liberty and freedom at all—even the freedom to live immorally if we so choose. Morality requires us to do whatever is right, to the benefit of others as well as ourselves.
Today, our problems stem from what * we’ve used to try to hide from God, from others, or even ourselves. It is simply one more progression down the road to anarchy. Unless America soon looks at morality as a blessing, even the use of *s will no longer hide things, but will then openly expose this country into the wickedness and sin of Sodom altogether.
Where anything goes...everything goes. And sadly, our beloved America will go with it.