Mary Adams (25 Mar 2018)
""Toleration" & the Imminent Demise of America""

Dear Pastor:
I just finished reading your article on 5 Doves, and it was very comforting to me to read something that confirms what has been in my heart for so long a time.
I, too, was born in 1934...and now in my latter years, how it hurts to see my generation fast disappearing---not only because of old age and impending death, but because the moral paint that once covered this nation is so difficult to find anymore, especially among those to whom “so much has been given”.
How close I came to being one of those “coathanger abortions” myself.  I didn’t learn about it until I was 21 and then old enough to drive my own car back to where I was born, to try and find relatives who knew how she died—what she was like—anything,  for I had been given up for adoption when my father died a year later and grew up with another childless couple far away. 
But my wondering  was so misguided, and a shock to find out that she had died of an abortion attempt and her last words as she died were “somebody go get some ice cream and let’s have a party”.
I missed motherly love and later felt the rejection of my “new” mother as not “really” hers, but just a human child to fill in the lack of children in her home.  I still feel it, even at age 84-- that moment I remember so clearly when she inherited a beautiful antique mirror.  As it was being mounted on the living room wall, she turned and said these words to me, “of course, don’t think you can ever inherit it yourself some you are not of my blood line”.  I was only six or seven at the time, but it felt like I had been aborted myself.
Thank the Lord for His mercy and love.  Time does not heal that kind of hurt...only becoming born again unto Christ touches the bloodlines in any of us. Tragedies happen, circumstances and misfortunes are in every life, for God gave every person free will to choose the actions they might take. That is why God wrote on tablets of stone: “thou shalt not kill”.  Rejection of that law not only affect they themselves, but the lives of so many others as well...a “tatoo” of sorts they imprint on one another.
Only when God’s laws become written on our hearts can we change this country’s tomorrows with any kind of hope or expectation that things will go on as as we once knew them.  Those who view the unborn as nothing more than human waste for the trash bin and respect for God thrown out of our schools, will surely reap what they have sown. THAT recompense has only just begun...and that is what you and I are seeing, reading about, and writing about today.
If abortion has put a scar on our lives, remember this: The sins of the fathers affects their children as well as themselves. Just don’t live your life under its curse, but take the hand of One who is “touched with the feelings of our infirmities” and walk the rest of your life in His love.
Mary E.Adams