Louis A. Romo (11 Mar 2018)
"If OBAMA is Anti-Christ as millions believe, Bible is clear America is doomed."

If OBAMA is Anti-Christ as millions believe, Bible is clear America is doomed.

Countless articles have been written by both Christians and Jews in five doves and numerous other web sites identifying Obama as the Anti-Christ. Many point to Obama fulfilling the overthrow of Lucifer because of pride and rebellion as written in ISAIAH chapter 14, verses 12-17.   Most people apparently stop there after reading the five “I WILL” sentences and do do not delve into remaining verses.

I have never seen any one writing about verses 18-20. (my emphasis in underlining and bold letters)

Verse 20 in MASORETIC TEXT: YOU shall not have a burial like them; Because you destroyed your country, Murdered your people.

King James verse 20: Thou shalt not be joined with them in burial, because thou has destroyed thy land, and slain they people; the seed of evildoers shall never be renowned.

COMMENTS: Many have identified America as Babylon as written in Book Of Jeremiah, portions of chapters 50 and 51.

ISAIAH 14, Verse 20 is clear the homeland nation of Antichrist will be destroyed....Obama, I believe made a trip to Jerusalem on Nisan 10, 2013. If he is Antichrist I believe he will visit again this coming 10th Nisan. His confirming the covenant of death could be last day Passover.

With various possible dates of Rapture in April and March one must then consider that President Trump's days are numbered. If he has accepted Jesus he will be raptured opening door for elitist and globalist democrats and republican to usher in Obama. If not raptured I truly believe George Soro's elitists and globalists will be forced to do a "JFK JOB" on President. There is no time left to go through lengthy impeachment.

With Obama back in office, it is obvious that Israel will be left entirely alone, leaving her open to attack by all her surrounding enemies of Psalm 83. Let us pray that by that time  Elijah is there warning Israeli IDF.

POSSIBLE rapture dates:

March 16th, last day of Jubilee year 29th day of Adar

March 17th, 1st day of Nisan , Religious new year, possibly birthday of Jesus

March 30 and 31st, 14th of Nisan, Jesus Crucified, 15th Passover

April 1st EASTER SUNDAY 16th Nisan Feast of First Fruits


We must hang on for dear life as mankind in for a wild ride between now and end of Passover.  Please forward to all your friends, especially those in Israel.