Lewis Brackett (4 Mar 2018)
"Who are guests at Jesus wedding?"

One of our bretherin noted:


The Church many have died (without The Rapture) and are in heaven as the Bride awaiting the end of the Church age when all who are Bride, friends of the bride and all others attending - come together for the wedding.


Dispensationism easily answers this question. The Bride of the Church is only the Church age believers.period.

The guests at the wedding are all those before righteous Old Testiment gentiles living before Penticaust when the Church age was born!

Able, Enoch, Abraham. Moses, Isaiah. Daniel, David John the Baptist Are called servants of the Lord and will be the guests at Jesus wedding.


There are four groups in eternity living on the Eternal Earth:

The Old Testiment saints,& Israel the wife of GOD the Father

The Church, the Bride of Jesus

The Tribulation saints and

The Millennial saints


Lewis B