Lauren (11 Mar 2018)
"Proof positive: Guadalajara Mexico March 4, 2018"

                                                                                                 THE BEST PROOF OF NIBIRU THAT I HAVE SEEN
There Nibiru sits on the horizon looking north-east at 18:00 hours on March 4, 2018. Does this mean in the coming evenings around 6:00pm we can see Nibiru facing east in our time zones? Notice the size of Nibiru is larger than a setting sun, it has to get much larger to darken the sun two days and fulfill Isaiah 28:19-21 and Hosea 6:1-3 when it reaches perihelion!
Awareness is preparedness as we near the first of two possible end dates of “70 years determined” in Daniel’s 9:24 prophecy, March 20, 2018. They began on the first day of the first month March 21, 1948. The “second” end date is May 14, 2018 that began when Israel declared Statehood, May 14, 1948.
Remember on March 17, 2018 the sun and moon will rise and set together for the first time in 19 years, something they did daily before 714 BCE when God returned backwards the ecliptic 10 degrees equaling 18 years that fulfilled 2 signs given in 2 Kings 19:29-31 and 2 Kings 20:6 that extended King Hezekiah’s life 15 years because he had not fathered a son to continue the promise God made with David that “from the offspring of his body one will sit on his throne forever” Psalm 89:3-4
Have you ever wondered why the promised 6000 years of 120 Jubilee cycles of 50 years in Genesis 6:3 didn’t end on March 20, 2000? Is it because God RETURNED BACKWARDS the path of the Sun 18 years so He could honor His promise to David, that a ruler in Israel shall come forth to Him and stand in the strength and majesty of His Name his God, before the remnant of his brothers the children of Israel. Micah 5:2-5 Did those “18 years” begin returning on March 21, 2000 and are about to count out either on March 21, or May 14, 2018?
Do not think the volcanoes erupting, the multiple 6+ Earthquakes, water receding anomalies, super storms and signs in the sky are not caused by inbound Nibiru and its 7 moons interacting with the Earth’s magnetosphere and poles.
Water receding video: Caused by Nibiru and its moons?
REPENT The Kingdom of God and the authority of His Messiah is at hand. Your Ezekiel 33:6 watchman