KML (25 Mar 2018)


Did you know that a twinkle of a human eye is likened unto the speed of light?
When our Lord comes (at) the Blessed Hope it will take less time for him to collect the dead first and we who are alive and remain than when you reach for your coffee mug and sip it.

He (Christ) is the light that shown into the world. He will come for us in the clouds (at) the speed of light, and BAM....we are gone.
I doubt that the world will even notice.
Except for the fact that  they' will know that the salt and light of the world is gone. BECAUSE....Ephesians 2:2 In time past we also walked according to the course of this world, according to "the prince" of the power of the air, "the spirit" that now' worketh "in" the children of disobedience:
That "spirit" will know that the Holy Spirit...the Holy Ghost is taken out of the way.
But great in Mercy, and slow to anger, great of kindness, ready to pardon and so....he will send his TWO Witnesses.
Revelation 11:3 For 42 months....1260 days clothed in sackcloth and Revelation 11:7-14 and the 2nd WOE is past.
From Revelation 11:3-14 we have seen 42 months pass and the Two Witnesses taken "up" in verse 12.  Before the 7th angel "sounds" his trumpet in Revelation 11:15.

A ask all that do not believe in a 7 year pre tribulation rapture doctrine:
Isn't 42 months.....1260 days....3 1/2 years?
We know' according to Daniel 12:12 that "blessed is he' that waiteth and comes to the 1335th day. Dan must say, according to Jacob in Genesis 49:18, "I have waited for thy salvation, O Lord.
Knowing' this' we can understand that there is yet another 1260 days=31/2 years of "Great Tribulation" to go from Revelation 11:3-14 to the 1260th day + another 75 days to the 1335th day at "the end."

But....when the Lord comes "at" his glorious appearing, the world will surely know, BECAUSE... they' have already been gathered together to war against him, in the valley of decision. Armageddon. Revelation 16:16.
Revelation 16:13 these (9) unclean spirits like frogs go out "to gather" these to the battle of the "great day."

The Church is gone HERE
Revelation 6:14 After...the 6th seal is opened in verse 12, the heavens were as as scroll/book when it is rolled together/book closed. 15) And the kings of the earth and the great men, "hid" themselves in the dins of the rocks of the mountains; 16) And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and "hide" us from "the face" of him that sitteth on the throne, and from "the wrath" of the Lamb: 17) For "the great day" of his wrath is come; and who' shall be able to stand?

All of the 144000 are sealed BEFORE the 7th seal is broken in Revelation 8:1

For the righteous and the 144000 Hebrew virgins who have not taken unto themselves any "other" God. Job 5:19 He (the Lord) shall "deliver" thee "in" six troubles: yea, "in" 7 there shall NO EVIL touch thee.
Matthew 6:13 and Luke 11:4 "deliver us from evil."

The 7 sealed Judgments, wherein according to 1 Peter 4:17 If it' (judgment) first "begin" at us, what shall "the end" be to those' that know not God?
The phrase "the end" is mentioned (150) times in our KJV.

( interesting note: Genesis (6:13) God said to Noah; "The end" of all flesh is come before me, I will destroy them' with the earth. In Genesis (8:3) And at "the end" of the 150 days the waters were abated.
Revelation (6:13) And the stars of heaven "fell unto the earth", even as a "fig tree" casteth he "untimely" figs, when she is shaken of a "mighty wind."
Remember when the Lord went to "the fig tree" and there was none for him to eat? The tree should have had fruit, but there was none. And the Lord cursed the fig tree." Here we see in Revelation 6:13 this fig tree in "untimely" and it has fruit that falls as "shaken of a mighty wind. Meaning that the tree should not have had fruit, but HERE it does. Why? because she represents the Fig tree nation/Israel, the 144000.
Now Revelation 6:14 heaven is shut....rolled up as a scroll is rolled together.
We also see in Revelation 4:1 that heaven is opened, and in 6:14 it is now shut, and will not open again until Revelation 19:11.
How did the Holy Ghost  come into the upper room?
Acts 2:2 And "suddenly" the came a "sound" from heaven "as" a rushing "mighty wind," and "it" filled all the house where they were sitting. (Holy Ghost)
Isn't Israel known to us in the scriptures as "the fig tree nation? "fig tree" is mentioned (33) times in the whole of the scriptures. Good read!!  I draw attention to Proverbs 27:18 Whoso keepeth the "fig tree" shall eat the fruit thereof: so he' that waiteth "for his master" shall be honoured. Are we not waiting for our Master to come "suddenly" in the twinkle of an eye?
The speed of "light.")

I believe it will sound like a rushing "mighty wind" when the Holy Ghost/the Comforter that our Lord sent to us, he' who now letteth, is "taken out of the way" of the wrath of God, "of which the individuals in Revelation 6:17 recognize.

Remember ....we are sealed 2 Corinthians 1:22, Ephesians 1:13 (Ephesians 4:30)
The 144000 are sealed in Revelation 7
For him' (Christ) hath the Father sealed. John 6:27
God Bless