Kira (11 Mar 2018)


Could you please tell me when you believe this current Jubilee will end?  Is it Nisan 1 (this coming March or April, 2018) or is it Tishri 1?

I know scholars disagree on this.  Dan Goodwin of God’s Final Jubilee will do a face book live program tonight that he says will be Biblical proof that the Jubilee will end on Tishri 1 in the fall.

I know T.W. Tramm and others (including Pastor Sandy Armstrong) are leaning towards a spring Nisan 1 conclusion of this (the believed 120th Jubilee.)

Terry Malone you tube channel is showing the push for the Mid East Peace Agreement, which also needs to be considered.  We know Israel is increasingly being threatened by Iranian expansion in Syria and by other terrorists…and they’ve been striking inside Damascus.

Thank you for your feedback, as it’s important to try and understand the true Jubilee cycle, and our year of Redemption, if we are to have that knowledge…Knowing that we cannot pin point the day or the hour of His return. God alone knows that.

Blessings to you and your ministry!