Kathryn (4 Mar 2018)
"John B and Truth"

John B, thank you for your post on true Biblical cosmology.  There are so
many who leave Jesus because of Satan's lies about the shape of the earth
and things like evolution.  I was one who for many years chose so-called
science over God.  In the university, I became an atheist.  But when I'd
run myself into the ground from following my way instead of God's way,
when I finally hit rock bottom and was so low I turned back to God, and He
was gracious to pick me up out of the gutter.

What you had to say about Biblical cosmology is so important.  The Heavens
declare the Glory of God, and the firmament displays his handiwork.  When
you know that the earth is flat, and there is a dome protecting us, and
God sits right on top of that dome...He is so close...it literally changes
your worldview.

Thank you for speaking up on this controversial topic