Kathryn (18 Mar 2018)
"John B:  regarding visions of being caught up to heaven"

An interesting story was a few months ago, my husband and I were talking
to his cousin about flat earth.  She did not believe the earth was flat
but was considering the idea.  I showed her a possible model showing the
continents and the dome above.  She got kinda quiet and then related a
vision she had had many years earlier just after her sister died young.
She said she was caught up several times and comforted over the loss of
her sister.  She didn't recall the shape of the earth as it fell away
under her, but she said that she saw all the continents at once.  After
that, she was thinking more that the earth was flat, since that is the
only way you'd see all the continents at once!

For me, the Bible says clearly that it is the heavens that declare the
glory of God.  I sure don't want to deny Him any of the glory He is due!!