John B (25 Mar 2018)
"RE:  Kathryn"


You wrote last week......

An interesting story was a few months ago, my husband and I were talking
to his cousin about flat earth. She did not believe the earth was flat
but was considering the idea. I showed her a possible model showing the
continents and the dome above. She got kinda quiet and then related a
vision she had had many years earlier just after her sister died young.
She said she was caught up several times and comforted over the loss of
her sister. She didn't recall the shape of the earth as it fell away
under her, but she said that she saw all the continents at once. After
that, she was thinking more that the earth was flat, since that is the
only way you'd see all the continents at once!

For me, the Bible says clearly that it is the heavens that declare the
glory of God. I sure don't want to deny Him any of the glory He is due!!



I want to use scripture to reinforce the vision your friend had of a flat earth.

We find in the testimonies / reenactments of the apostles Matthew and Luke a rather clear and very hard to challenge geographic / topographic overview of the earth.

These passages in Matthew and Luke compliment many other areas of scripture that God gave us in the bible that describe the physical layout of earth......and that layout is basically flat. Actually God described the topography of the earth in a more accurate way by using an analogy. He said, “the face of the earth” indicating it had topography. A face is basically flat with things like noses rising up and things like eye sockets sinking below. Which in my mind mirrors the basically flat earth with mountains and hills rising up and valleys sinking lower. God's analogy in my mind really eluded to the reality that actually exists.

So getting to the proof texts, we find in Matthew 4:8-9 and Luke 4:5 almost identical passages where the devil takes Jesus to a high mountain and in an effort to tempt Him, he shows Jesus, in a moment of time, all the kingdoms of the world that he the devil controls and offers them to Jesus if Jesus would choose to worship before the devil.

When one analysis's what is written in these passages some definite conclusions can be made without any “wiggle room” for deceptive alternatives. Satan, in a moment of time, took Jesus to a high enough mountain to see all the kingdoms of the world. Just one high mountain and just one moment of time allowed Jesus to view every and all the kingdoms of the world. The only possible way that these statements become true is if the earth is basically God said it was. If the earth was ball shaped it would be impossible to view all the kingdoms of the world from one high mountain.

Here discussed above are three irrefutable passages of scripture indicating that the earth is basically flat and there are many more passages throughout the bible that indicate the same thing.

Now there are many even here on the Doves site that will refute / disagree and ignore these exacting phrases God gave us. Phrases that leave no wiggle room to distort or twist the meaning but yet if a person like myself and many others dare to stand up to the Satanic system we live in and declare the bible to be true and the world system to be false we are attacked and vilified. All for maintaining that the earth is stationary and basically flat “like a face” and is not a spinning ball rotating at over a thousand miles per hour.

Remember in the same texts we discussed above Satan bragged to Jesus that he (then) controlled the whole world.... he still does. And he controls the media services of the world...... and as he bragged about....the kingdoms as well. He and his minions control everything. Whatever information they choose to disseminate and how they want to disseminate it......all in an effort to make mankind believe all manors of falsehoods. Falsehoods and false science / knowledge that God warned us would happen and to be on the lookout for.

God said, Satan was the master of lies. Almost everything we see around us in one manor or another is a lie especially concerning the earth and the heavens above. People refuse to believe that they have been lied to on such a grand / massive scale. They refuse to believe the degree of evil treachery that exists. Treachery that will only get worse as time and technology evolve. The deceptions to come (as per scripture) will be so deceptive that, if possible, even the elect would be deceived. Smoke and mirrors on steroids.

A general warning for you Kathryn....

If one dares to stand for God's description clearly written in scripture concerning the layout of the earth and heavens above you can probably expect (a self described rabid and ruthless person) to ignore scripture and not just disagree with you but mount a full on belittlement assault like none other.

In this belittlement / no credibility assault as a “flat earther” expect these labels /tags to be leveled on your character in an effort to completely discredit you.....




a person who needs to get a firm grip


part of an anti-christ deception

promoting a mind boggling deception

a Freemason

an anti-Semite

a useful idiot doing the devils work

a profiteer, making money from a scam on Youtube

an implication that “flat earthers” don't believe in the Trinity

tying “flat earthers” biblical theology to a chronic deception

and....if you dare to point out what scripture are also a ridiculous distraction


So Kathryn, thank you for your post about your friend's vision. It was interesting, encouraging and provided a degree of authentication. But as I warned..... you might want to put the full armor of God on before you proclaim the gospel or anything else God has stated in scripture that may go against the world view or “the company line”. Know that there are the self proclaimed rabid and ruthless standard bearers of the “world order” that will endeavor to belittle you back into submission.

Blessings Kathryn.......John B a nearly 70 year old retired electrical engineer who is a non-denominational Christian, who thinks clearly, takes no prescription or non-prescription drugs, fully supports Israel, is not a Freemason or member of any organization and surely not a Youtube really makes one wonder how I got attached to all those titles listed above? I'll bet if I continue to stand on God's word as truth I will be able to greatly expand that !!!