Jean Stepnoski (25 Mar 2018)
"The Death of Billy Graham on 2-21-2018: Our Ultimate 40 Day Warning, like Jonah at Ninevah?"


   The death of Billy Graham was on 2-21-2018. If this began our ultimate 40 Day Warning, like Jonah at Ninevah, when do we go to Day 40? Day 40 will begin at sunset on 3-31-2018. Why is this date significant on the Torah Calendar? It will be PASSOVER EVE, when the Passover Seders begin at sundown! Day 40, to completion, will be the next day as Passover concludes.

   When is the Feast of First Fruits (Anniversary of the Resurrection Day of the Messiah) in 2018? It will be the 3rd Day from Passover as Abib (Nisan) 17 ends at sundown. The end of a full 72 hours, 3 days and nights, will be 4-4 at sunset. Come quickly, Lord...

With Love and Shalom,