Jean Stepnoski (25 Mar 2018)
"Abib (Nisan) 10 & 14: Spring 2018 Torah Calendar"


   It can be argued well that Moses and the Messiah followed the Torah Calendar, THEIR ONLY AUTHORITATIVE CALENDAR. They NEVER FOLLOWED the Hillel Calendar, it did not exist. I believe that the 2 witnesses in the spirit of Moses and Elijah, and the sealed 1444,000 under their leadership, WILL FOLLOW the Torah Calendar. This will be a very contested issue with those in Rabbinical Judaism who follow the Hillel Calendar. This decision will not endear the 2 plus the 144,000 to others.

   In 2018, the date of Abib (Nisan) 10 is the profound anniversary of Lamb Selection Day. On this momentous day, the prophetic clock for Israel STOPPED when the Messiah rode into Jerusalem and was rejected as the Messiah and King of Israel. Day 10 will begin at sunset on Tuesday 3-27. This will begin Day 3 of the Scriptural Week. Raised on the 3rd Day? Time clock resumed for Israel?

   Passover begins at sunset on 3-31 as Day 14 begins. A Saturday evening. Please note the excellent revised article "Do This in Remembrance of Me' at www. "What I say to you, I say to all. Watch."

With Love and Shalom,