James Brownlow (4 Mar 2018)
"Moses and Billy Graham - Both-- CONCEIVED and DIED the same day ?"


Billy Graham passed away February 21, Wednesday , the 6th of Adar on the Hebrew calendar. This is the exact same day that Moses died.

Moses death date is not given in scripture but it can be calculated. The Israelites crossed the Jordan on 10 Nisan. Joshua 4:19. Israel spent 30 days mourning Moses death prior to the crossing plus an additional 3 days preparing to cross --33 days total. Dt 34:8 and Joshua 1:11. Moses died on 6 Adar, correctly counting back from 10 Nisan. (Some say the 7th, which is incorrect)

Scripture also states in Dt 31:2 that on the day of Moses death " he was today 120 years old". While this has been taken to mean his birthday , it could possibly be taken  to mean  from  his conception ?

Note that Billy Graham died at age 99 years and 3 months. He was  exactly 9 months short (conception period) of his birthday , which was November 18, 1918. Could both men have been both conceived and died on identical calendar dates ?

Moses and Graham were alike in many other ways including their ministries. We mourn for great men and friends departed.

 Lord , let us meet our Joshua  and cross the Jordan !