Gino (25 Mar 2018)
"RE: Nathan: Who are the Overcomers?"

	That was an exciting letter to read!
I agree with you, Jesus is the true Overcomer.
That by faith in him, we enter into that overcoming.
We overcome by faith in the Overcomer, he overcomes for us.
It would seem that we don't fully experience that overcoming, until we are finally with him.
That is why it seems to me that in the letter to the different churches in Asia, that is hinted to.
The encouragement was to them, and to all those over the coming centuries who will be persecuted.
It seemed to me that the book of Revelation is not a book of martyrs, but a book to martyrs.
It is a book to bring extreme encouragement to those who will be persecuted.
The greatest encouragement, is that the full blessing of the experience of overcoming, is yet to come.
No matter what will happen to them on this earth, the best is right around the corner, after the last breath.
To each of those churches, these things are mentioned in the context of, to him that overcometh.