Gino (25 Mar 2018)
"RE: Ron Reece: 03.25.18: Who goes in the blessed hope?"

	I had received one of your recent letters, dealing with who goes in the blessed hope.
I was reading it this morning, when it seemed to vanish from the email server.
I could not find it on my phone or computer.
I checked the trash, in case it had accidentally been deleted, but it was not there.
I checked other folders, in case it had been accidentally moved, but I could not find it.
Considering the topic, it was really shocking that it suddenly vanished without a trace.
I was planning to reply to your letter, via 5 Doves, while I was reading it.
	I had a couple questions for you, and I'll try to remember, as I do not have your letter in front of me.
For the Christians alive at the time of the blessed hope, the teaching is that not all will go up.
My question is regarding the Christians that have already died.
Some of them, also, if they were still alive, would not go in the blessed hope, for the same reason.
However, they have died already, so:
	a) Are they in heaven now?
	b) Are they, instead, in the grave with the Adventists?
	c) Will their bodies not be resurrected until after the tribulation? 

The other question involves the issue if worthy.
I certainly can understand the logic leading to conclusion of the teaching that some are not worthy to go.
Following that logic, I certainly am not worthy to go in the blessed hope.
My question isn't about who is not worthy, nor what it means to not be worthy, I already understand that.
The question is actually about what constitutes "worthy to go", and who truly is worthy of that?
Ron, are you worthy?