Fay (4 Mar 2018)
"A Matter of Time.... Soon"

Given this news (link off the Rapture Ready website today - 4th March) it is only a matter of time now. Israel will most certainly attack at some point. Israel either attacks or submits to the enemy......... which clearly isn't an option. When this war does kick off, it's going to be ugly. Millions are going to be killed. There are soldiers from all over the world in Syria now. Proxy armies from a variety of nations. The American soldiers are in Israel as we speak - conducting a military drill with Israel. The whole situation has a depressing inevitability about it. All we lack now, are the headlines blasting out the start of WW3. And those will come soon.

As much as I yearn and ache to go home - I dread this coming war. The world has never seen anything like what carnage is about to come.

Our prayers are needed.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus.

How long until Israeli warplanes bomb the new Iranian missile base outside of Damascus, Syria?