Fay (25 Mar 2018)
"Shabbat Hagadol"

This is the Sabbath preceding Passover. I discovered this today - 23rd March. At the time of writing, this special Sabbath has begun in Israel. It is also known as the Great Sabbath. The readings are from the book of Malachi. Phew..... talk about reprovals from Almighty God. He is angry and hurt. One can feel the pain through the words. Scroll down the 3rd link to access the books of Malachi. How incredibly apt they are for our time !!

Forgive us all, we beg you, Almighty God. You, who loves us more than we can ever know. We give thanks that we are no longer under the law but have forgiveness through our LORD Jesus. We love, worship and adore you, Heavenly Father God.

In Jesus' beloved Name we pray.

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